Business Processes

Stringent, controlled, and measurable business processes are a fundamental element of organizational success. In addition, efficient processes according to industry best practices can lead to advantages in the market. Understanding processes, their functioning, as well as the management associated to them can be a major challenge in today’s business world.

Solupro supports clients in the establishment, optimization, structuring, and measuring of such critical business processes in order to gain more control over daily operations. Theoretical understanding as well as practical industry experience are the main success factors of Solupro´s approach in this field.

Cost Accounting

In order to guarantee sustainable business success, efficient and effective processes are key ingredients. Often, operational cost accounting receives little attention even though it could deliver the key performance indicators which management requires in order to reach the targets. To be able to...

Supply Chain Management

Active supply chain management can often be one of the last means to generate considerable growth for a company and can often lead to more flexible fix costs. Lean and effective supply chains are rare and thus a target for optimisation. Solupro supports companies to manage their supply chains effectively....