Manufacturing Management

The optimal usage of existing resources (human capital, material, machinery, etc.) is a strategic success factor and considerably influences services and performance. Non-optimal processes can lead to “idle power” and high cost. Typically, the factors are known but resources and capacities for implementation are missing >>

Quality Management

Quality management is multi-faceted. Ever too often, required quality features are not or only partially met. Frustration, time lags, and cost overruns can be the unpleasant side effects and significantly influence the expected success >>

Supply Chain Management

Active supply chain management can often be one of the last means to generate considerable growth for a company and can often lead to more flexible fix costs. Lean and effective supply chains are rare and thus a target for optimisation >>

Business Processes

Stringent, controlled, and measurable business processes are a fundamental element of organizational success. In addition, efficient processes according to industry best practices can lead to advantages in the market. Understanding processes, their functioning, as well as the management associated to them can be a major challenge in today’s business world >>

Product Costs

Oftentimes product costs have to be calculated before serial manufacturing of the final product. Thus, the risks can be considerably high.
A systematically lead Target Costing accompanies the product creation process right from the start >>

Special Projects

Certain projects require dedicated expert attention in order to lead to entrepreneurial success. Such critical and strategic projects often have an increased visibility inside the organization and failure is not an option due to their potentially grave consequences. In this context, Solupro leads special projects with defined scope and clear success criteria >>